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Our history

Founders who want to make real change

FuGen was founded in 2017 by Yaron Feingers and Lorenzo Lanteri with a group of energy experts. They both have solid experience from renewable energy project development and operation.

This, combined with a strong belief that it is possible to make actual change and run a viable business at the same time, was the start of a great partnership.

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Key milestones of our history

  1. 2021

    • Established Nordic Offshore Wind Joint Venture
    • Moved into new office in Stockholm and grew the Swedish team
    • Completed the construction of Fjällboheden wind farm
  2. 2020

    • Acquired majority stake in the Tormoseröd Wind Farm from ALPIQ
    • Shareholder restructuring, introduction of Arkin Holdings family office
    • Sold the Seskarö wind farm to Innovent
  3. 2019

    • In partnership with Abraxas Capital Management, acquired permit to build the Fjällboheden wind farm from ENGIE
    • Started construction of Fjällboheden
  4. 2018

    • Established FuGen Energi AB as a Swedish subsidiary focused on development of greenfield projects
    • Started developing our own greenfield wind portfolio
  5. 2017

    • FuGen AG founded in Switzerland
    • Market scouting, settling on Sweden as the primary market, with a long-term European focus
    • Acquired Axelsvik and Seskarö wind farms