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Empowering Future Generations

We develop, own and operate renewable energy assets.

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Fu-Gen is committed to creating a better world for Future Generations. Energy is at the core of the environmental crisis but can also be the key to the solution. There is a growing demand for renewable energy and a need to achieve net zero. Fu-Gen is powering the sustainable energy transition with competitive, high-tech solutions for renewable power production.


It’s important for us that any action we take has as little impact on the environment and society as possible. We listen to the wishes and needs of the local communities where we are active and work hard to find feasible solutions.


Our priority is to own and operate the assets we develop and construct for their entire lifetime, 40+ years. We honour every obligation we sign up for during the full development phase.


We’re a long-term partner in it for the long run. We are always looking for opportunities for partnerships and are aware that to revolutionise the industry, we need collective action. We work in close collaboration with local stakeholders and external partners, producing energy in line with the local culture’s needs and constraints.


We look at problems with a solutions-based lens. We are not obstructed by hierarchy and processes but analyse facts, make quick decisions and move fast. Our entrepreneurial mindset means we’re not afraid to be bold and take risks.

Our projects