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Balance between supply and demand

With increasing penetration of renewable energy comes new challenges to manage the balance between energy production – determined by natural forces – and energy demand – determined by consumer habits. Fu-Gen recognises the importance of energy storage technologies in establishing a secure energy system and mitigating these imbalances.

This is where we can use Power-to-X: converting the excess power generated from our solar and wind sources to different types of energy carriers. Fu-Gen is constantly exploring opportunities to diversify our portfolio and invest in established or novel technologies to help stabilise the energy system.

Green hydrogen to decarbonise industry

For over 100 years, hydrogen produced from fossil fuels (so-called grey hydrogen) has been used in industrial processes. In recent time however, we have seen a “green hydrogen revolution” – catalysed by technological advancements and cost reductions.

Green hydrogen is produced via electrolysis using electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. The production and the use of green hydrogen do not result in CO2 emissions. Hydrogen itself has the potential to be converted back to electricity, or to replace fossil fuels in industrial and mobility applications, where direct electrification is not possible.

Fu-Gen is developing and willing to invest in green hydrogen production and logistics projects for industrial and mobility applications.

Jack White
Interim Head, Asset Management