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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is sure to grow rapidly

In the last few years, the global offshore industry has matured, and along with that also the technology. Costs have come down and the installed capacity of turbines has grown significantly, leading to an improved business case.

We see a huge potential for offshore wind energy in the Nordics, and there are many projects under development in Nordic waters. In Sweden, offshore wind is expected to contribute significantly to reaching the key strategic goal to have 100% electricity production from renewable sources by 2040.

Joined forces for offshore wind

In June 2021 Fu-Gen founded the subsidiary Nordic Offshore Wind (NOW). The purpose is to develop a portfolio of offshore wind power projects in the Nordics. The first goal is to develop a portfolio of 2.5 GW, starting with prioritising the waters in southern Sweden.

Discover more on the NOW website

Linda Mellin
Business Development Director